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"Option selling is the most consistently profitable form of trading". Throughout this website we have highlighted one theme for you over and over - you have to have the odds of winning, the probability of success in your favour - before you enter a trade. When the probability of winning is stacked in your favour, sometimes as high as 90%, then statistically you are in a good position. You still have to manage your losing trades (the few that you will have), but your life, your business, becomes much easier to manage and make a success off. If you compare this method of trading to Forex trading, or CFD trading or trading directly in the futures, where the statistical probability of success is less than 50% you can easily see why options trading give you such a tremendous advantage over the rest of the participants in the market..

There is a lot of information that you need to master in order to master options trading. You have to know:

  • The options theory - not in depth, but you have to have a thorough understanding
  • How to recognise the state that your market is in
  • Given the state of the market, what the best options strategy is to employ
  • How to realize whether options for the market is priced cheaply or expensive - determined by the recent history of the market and the mindset of the big players in the market
  • You have to learn how to analyse what the big players are doing, where they are positioning themselves in the market and what this is telling you about the market
  • You have to be able to analyse and plan ahead your trading strategy
  • How to create a trading plan before you enter the market
  • etc..

The Options Matrix Plus course will teach you all of that and much more. For many years the Matrix Plus was available exclusively as a product download, (if you had the resources you could secure a one-on-one training session). This has changed and the Options Matrix Plus is now available in your area.

Right now, this is the offer to you:

Item Price
The normal price for the Options Matrix Plus (your copy of the software with manuals) US$1,297 (at the current exchange rate about R15,450)
Our Offer
A two-day seminar* which includes your copy of the Options Matrix Plus and manuals R17,000
Discount (if you book your place at least a week in advance and pay a R5000 deposit) -R2,000
Netto: For a two-day seminar including the Options Matrix Plus R15,000
* The seminar includes tee and coffee during the breaks and lunch on both days. Accommodation can be arranged. The seminar will teach you everything you need to know about options and analysing the markets and will go in-depth into the different options strategies that you may employ for different markets

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